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yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
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Hollow wood

 A candidate has just graduated from college students to a computer company, in three interviews of college students, The students eloquent, in full flight, eloquence Claire Hsu, won the judges blown away, agreed that the eloquent, heis the best choice for the company, compared to the other two, he really excel in eloquence different.

Final say who is the company's candidates candidates, the company boss told the story of his childhood:

The early 1980s, the home to build a house, the father go to buy back a bunch of wood to the timber field.

Wood pulled home from the car, remove the wood to a thick and straight, his father prepared to do with it in column the best mobile accessory.

The QUICKER carpenter came, his father said: "This is what good wood on, which clearly is a piece of hollow wood."

The hollow wood? How do you know this is a hollow wood? "My father was surprised, and asked.

"From the sound can easily tell the difference if the wood is solid, onto the floor, it emits a very low voice is small, while the more hollow wood, it sends the sound the higher the greater." The carpenter replied.

Saw sawing a look, it really was a hollow wood, both ends of wood covered with cow dung to paste up, generally people do not pay attention to see crash proof phone protector, can not make out. The final boss's father to dispel the idea to do in the column with root wood.

Finished this story, the general manager said meaningfully: "our computers need is down-to-earth, innovative efforts talents, rather than the kind of rhetoric!