yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
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I still wait

Dire a masochistic pleasure, bloody traces squeeze tearing pain. With the chirp of crying, bringing extremely satisfying release, and that is the text of calm and calm after capsizing. Should maternal production of fresh life, jimmy wong completely ignoring devotion. Here, alive and more of a look, here, with the interpretation of the text of another respite publicity. 
Standing very far away, silently staring share of moving. Could not bear to disturb, do not want to read. You know that is has left the imprint, but it is silent snow without a trace. Time has long will drown you, and I, still in place numb. 
Turned the moment, did not look back, so to pull off, so that the world has become so silent. First time, I know what to do, not grief, nor is both good and bad. Instead, transfixed daze, because I can not find any reason for the curtain call, quietly away. 
Discarding became the highest level of love, so, the storage limited is stunning poignant. 
Just read the Li Ao, "you had better enjoy the flowers, and then went to travel, only ranging from flowers fade, to remember bonuses. Happen over drink wine, and then went to travel, ranging from drunk only to feel slightly alcoholic. affectionate love happen, and then went to travel, only a brief love to love forever. "
Flexor the years, too long, but just a moment. Wait how many times the flowers, missing spring. So sad, nu skin just read a passage in the past. But it turned out that people have changed for a time, raging depth. One taste who can understand, Hekan a dream long. 
Slowed down, quietly listening carefully to taste. 
Love barren, destined to be no-win game, even in the most civilized way to express, also abandoned ruins. Do not close, whether done with a lifetime of effort to get that brief smile, then bury lonely way to self-flagellation. 
Or will, again, looking lost. Yihuo, voiceless Zen sing, this relief. 
Forget themselves and their torture is not, not all the memories as incineration, purification of the clean text, confers fallen in noble emotion. Each other in the political arena, Qifeng blew away any lingering speak sorrowful, write frankly commercial angle Zheng Yu Gong, for the love of singing. 
Waiting for another winter, do not decorate your dream, a person, a city, a story, far distant foreign land. Greetings, miss all flaw, a cold one false lumen. For you, quietly digging word, quietly breaking chapter. The unintelligible mess finishing clean. 
People say that it is why, cold desolate snow still to be spring, the Red who co. 
Understood, is often a simple reminder. Enlightenment, often lies in the details of inspiration, that is Zen. 
Now, it has been far, since, strangers to each other, why not let the excess pouring beyond quiet. Puzzled grudges, do not read breed. No sorrow without joy, desire no dispute. Standing in the cold winter, snow was once burned my prying eyes. Let the impermanence of life in any posture, but also care about what the cold. 
In fact, were another kind of combination was beautiful hazy afar. Any dependencies may not be love, love, salvation is lit each other's heart light. Each other to give a warm, mutually romantic fingertips. Rui sharp blue flame on quietly dancing, nu skin hk it is you, as I lit up their lives. 
Look brilliant spring, in the depths of the Red, who co. 
Are you there? I still wait.