yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
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Serious snow, seriously I

Like the sound of the keyboard late at night, like the night to record their most true, like late at night alone in licking their wounds, like those words I like ...... feeble words sometimes really difficult to express inner most thoughts, but also always like Tu Tu painting, not for other people can understand, because they like. 
I like this kind of life: the night abstract feeling. I imagined that one day this quiet exclusive freely. 
Create all the conditions just to find inner dreams, only to meet once their fantasy, telling myself that I want in life is actually not that hard. 
Turn off the lights quarters alone, turn on my desk lamp, plug in headphones listening to favorite songs ever, I deliberately to create life out of my mind, I feel everything I want are available, and may be why but why do not feel I want? Vague sadness gently touch my mind, but nothing out of the brave. I think she was afraid I cry afraid I continue to hurt myself because of the proliferation of small emotions once late at night, they got out of hand, like a piercing pain. 
However, everything has a heart, but lost. So, I decided to throw away everything. 
At the moment, tears flooding back. I do not understand why. Like the flood burst, flooding my entire world. 
But I'm not too crazy, because the silence of the night does not belong to me. I have tears in orbital orbital spin, like being imprisoned in general. 
Please let me alone, leave me ...... a person to enjoy this for now, precious loneliness and sadness. 
Remember, she told me tears to flow to the heart, too, she taught me how to be strong, she has given me the opportunity to let me take my heart to really feel timid love a person's feelings - wonderful and happiness. Finally, she was gone. I took all the fun, happiness and pride that only comes from love. 
Everything is like a short-lived, between the beautiful twinkling of an eye. In the moment she left, took all my everything, except the left is the remnants of memories in my heart, over and over again to remember. Past and eventually became a thing of the past, settling down she once had given me. Unfortunately, we can just another way of passing one. I said I love you, but she can not hear. With her past affect my emotions, tears broken in one place. I love you, you know? 
I let the tears a little bit of return, return to this where it belongs. 
Alone, who as a shadow entourage. Bulong eye often late at night, always tears with me about having a hard time with me through this night. And now, a strong pride that time I have forgotten haggard appearance, wanton squandering everything never had before, I do not know the joy or the grief. 
Is like entering another world, no sorrow, no more lonely, no anxiety, no more tears, accompanied by no more hysterical presumptuous. 
You have a world transformed a look. But at this time of night nostalgic mood with yourself and then feeling. 
The dead of night, it was love, secretly control my heart, reminding me, love you on standby, quiet music, or love, ah, step by step, devouring my heart, in love with you I lose myself, love so seriously , love so seriously ......