yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
yukooty 孤孤單單一起走
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Walking in the winter cold wind

Imperceptible in youth was missing one season, looking back a mess, suddenly feel Chinese capacity is not enough, even can't find a suitable mix to describe that terrible sadness. 
A New Year has in the past quarter, Dream beauty pro in be like in a planned way of life without a purpose in the unexamined after the first test, it was not so idyllic mountains water there is no way. When all of a sudden whim cleaning in a if you don't find it is easy to be forgotten clamp specially page found his sentimental clues... 
Breathing the boredom and familiar smell, everything seems so real enthusiasm in the house and sat looking out the window to the original position traffic, the original is already much transformed, look at all the familiar, now a little beyond the feeling, the heart like worms bite off a piece of pain, then returned to the original taste. Although already understand reality pale Dream beauty pro, but look at the horrible sight heart inexplicable throb. 
Today with friends go to infusion, to see that had once facilities, my thoughts began to uncontrolled across, once the beautiful scenes in mind roaring, up and down as the snowflake fall acid secreted in the heart, once has become history, life goes on Dream beauty pro, the most in this world that's promiscuous do only in the life of leisure to dig out the history photo, look at picture of deja vu, corners of the mouth did not know the radian of the outline of how many... 
The story begins from the end. 
Shortness of floating in the dust of the night, again and again failed again and again to the home of the dawn came, looked at the little life star, inhaling fog haze, Dream beauty pro exhaled mixed pollutants, the bottom of my heart suddenly there is a devil s entering the village of the city to find penicillin danger and hunger is helpless. Deep breath fog forced the panic eduction body outside, continue to walk in the cold winter nights...